Spectran Group supplies excavator, posi-track, loader and grader attachment hire for Hobart projects

Spectran Group is equipped to handle all types of projects including excavationscivil construction, and roadworks. In addition to a full fleet of equipment hire options from excavator hire to grader hire, we also have a wide variety of attachments and construction equipment to complete any job.

Spectran Group Demolition with Excavator Hobart

Our selection of attachment hire options for Hobart projects includes:

Rockbreaker Attachment Hire

  • CAT 0.9 tonne rockbreaker for hire
  • Indeco 1.7 tonne rockbreaker for hire
  • RFG 100m 2 to 3-tonne rockbreaker for hire
  • SBC 650 Atlas 4 tonne rockbreaker for hire
  • SB302 Atlas Copco 6 to 13-tonne rockbreaker for hire
  • SBC 650 Atlas 8 tonne rockbreaker for hire
  • GTX 750 9 tonne rockbreaker for hire
  • General 13 tonne rockbreaker for hire
  • GTX 850 14 tonne rockbreaker for hire
  • HP500 Indeco rockbreaker for hire
  • F2 Furukawa rockbreaker for hire
  • Furukawa 20 tonne rockbreaker for hire
  • SP1400 Sparkle 20-tonne rockbreaker for hire
  • E68 Furukawa 29 tonne rock breaker for hire

Pulverisers For Hire

  • Stone Star 7 tonne pulveriser for hire
  • DC200 Atlas Copco 7 tonne pulveriser head for hire
  • CT6 ROBI 8 to 13-tonne shears for hire
  • NPK Noble 20 tonne concrete pulveriser for hire
  • NYK 20 tonne pulveriser for hire
  • TS Cutter 20 tonne shears for hire
  • TS500 RCL S/N2055 Metal Shear for hire
  • CS Brand 29 tonne pulveriser for hire
  • NPK 29 tonne concrete pulveriser for hire

Augers For Hire

  • Spectran 20 tonne auger for hire
  • PD7 Digga auger drive for hire


  • Indeco 20 tonne Vibe Rammer for hire
  • FL1000 Hydraquip Flail Mower for hire
  • EW100 12 tonne to 20 tonne Loam Bucket for hire
  • BF90.3 MB Bucket Crusher for hire
  • MC5 OSA Rotational Crusher with Hydraulic Hitch for hire
  • G5T Rockwheel 7 tonne rockgrinder for hire
  • G21T Rockwheel 20 tonne rockgrinder for hire
  • Spectran Post Driver for hire

Our list of attachment hire, including augers, rockbreakers, pulverisers and crushers

No matter what type of project you are working on, Spectran Group has the diverse equipment hire and attachment hire to get you started. From concrete pulverisers and rock breakers to flail mowers and auger drivers, Spectran Group has the right selection of equipment hire attachments to suit nearly any project.

Spectran Group Excavator Bucket Attachment Hire Hobart

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