Transport Services in Tasmania

Spectran Group provides a diverse range of transport services to Tasmania and interstate. These are specialised transport services, container transport, machinery transport, heavy haulage and interstate transport. Our state-of-the-art machinery for hire such as semi-trailer trucks, trailers, unconventional trucks and container transport packages are operated by highly trained and capable operators to get your goods where you need them safely and promptly.

Specialised Transport Services

Our specialised transport services include oversized transport loads like buildings, wind farm structures and more. We organise a complete traffic management plan for oversized loads, then safely move it with our tri-axle extendable drop-deck trailer.

For other oversized transport loads, material transport and more, we offer a diverse fleet of unconventional transport trucks and trailers for hire.

Container Transport

We supply a self-lifting side loader trailer and powerful haulage trucks for hire for all our container transport solutions. Our side loader is easy to use, meaning fewer operators and equipment are required to operate it and less hassle for your team.

Our state-wide and interstate container transportation strategy is versatile and capable of lifting almost any kind of container at a reduced logistical and financial cost. We achieve this by combining crane and transport, and loading and unloading of container cargo into a single package.

Our container transport service is quick, efficient, comprehensive and customer-oriented.

Machinery Transport

Spectran Group transport machinery such as excavators, dozers, bobcats, forklifts, screening machines and more with our versatile fleet of haulage and transport trucks. The fleet includes semi-trailer trucks and trailers for hire. Our highly-trained operators and quality machines can deliver machinery directly to your project, hassle-free.

Our available interstate machinery transport service moves machinery and freight to interstate projects and beyond in a prompt and affordable fashion.

Heavy Haulage

Our heavy haulage solutions are ideal for transporting large quantities of material for bulk haulage, large equipment hire or shipping containers.

We take your supplies where they need to go throughout Tasmania and interstate via our internally maintained and serviced powerful semi-trailers. For your convenience, we also plan our haulage trucks’ routes, taking into consideration all aspects of the heavy haulage job like trailer height, load weight, load width, road quality and traffic logistics.

Spectran Group’s haulage service shaves time off your journey while keeping your materials safe.

Interstate Transport

Our interstate transport and freight delivery services are specialised to transport between Tasmania and mainland states, incorporating daily movement of machinery and general freight services.

We transport everything from cars and containers to materials and machinery promptly and reliably. Transporting with Spectran Group is affordable no matter the size of your goods, up to 600 tonnes. Our freight moving vehicles are prepared for any transport scenario, including sensitive and fragile equipment transport.

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