Graders for hire throughout Hobart

When you need to clear debris, flatten, grade or perform scarification for a road building or maintenance project, you can call upon Spectran Group for our range of graders for hire in Hobart. With several graders available to meet the demands of your specific project needs, Spectran Group strives to exceed your expectations. At Spectran Group, you can rely on us to use the latest and most innovative techniques in all our products, including our grader service.

Spectran Group Grader with fleet Hobart
Spectran Group Grader Hobart

Our selection of graders for hire in Hobart includes:

  • 120G CAT 12 tonne Road Grader for hire
  • PL84D Level Best 0.9 tonne Dual Axis Laser Grader for hire
  • GPT-3205N Topcon Laser Leveller for hire

If you have a carpark grading, asphalt preparation, driveway grading project that needs doing, Spectran Group possesses several grading options to meet the demands of each project. From our 0.9-tonne mini grader for hire to our 12-tonne road grader for hire, our grader hire options are versatile and cover a wide range of project types.

Our range of graders and well-trained operators ensure that you get detailed and expert service

From our mini laser grader of choice, the PL84D Level Best, to our larger 120G CAT road grader, our graders will shape all your level surfaces, contours and roads with ease, quickly and with a minimum of handwork involved. When combined with one of our experienced and trained operators you can be sure that the job will be finished in a professional manner.

Spectran Group Grader with fleet Hobart

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