MONA Solstice Chamber & Tunnel

Spectran Group were contracted to undertake sandstone excavation for an in-ground chamber, and to construct tunnels for three entry locations at MONA. In addition, we also completed the car park and driveway construction.

The building chamber required excavation to a depth of 18m through solid sandstone. This was undertaken using 23 tonne excavators with rock grinding attachments, before long reach excavator removal and dust extraction. Upon excavating to floor level, we excavated two tunnel sections, the longest of which measures 50m. The chamber and tunnel walls are all exposed sandstone, with laser measurements being used to ensure accuracy and precision.

Working within limited space and coordinated timing with additional site works presented significant challenges to this project. Spectran Group designed site-specific excavator booms and attachments to provide the exact trim finish specified for the project.

Dust extraction, both for excavation and tunnelling, lead to the design of a large, high-volume unit with ducted lines into the chamber and extending into the tunnel sections.


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