Nyrstar Acid Tanks

Spectran Group were contracted to undertake the cleaning, demolition and removal of two acid tanks located within the Nyrstar site at Risdon Cove. The project required relevant civil equipment, specialised labour, and support to remove the two tanks from the site. The tanks being removed were part of a network of seven in total, with the site requiring the additional tanks to remain operational during the demolition and removal.

Careful planning was undertaken, with site access issues resulting in the construction of a safety platform from compacted earth using fill material. This provided access to the tanks within a bunded and operational facility. Each tank was 8m high and 10m diameter, designed to hold 1800 tonnes of acid. In order to demolish the tanks after cleaning, the team cut each one into sections, with the roof and walls being lifted down by crane before the base was handled with specialised steel shears.

As the tanks were used for acid storage, specialised cleaning in pre-prepared area took place prior to removal. As the washing of all steel needed to be done prior to removal of scrap steel from site, there was constant scrap material inspection to ensure everything met Nyrstar’s environmental approval.

ClientNyrstar (Enviro Pacific)ServicesEnvironmentalYear2012

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